For the second Year Running Button & Family are proud winners of the Regional Funeral Planner of the year award.
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Codes of Practice

General Conduct and Presentation

1.1 Members must conduct themselves in a totally professional manner, and behave sensitively, with courtesy and complete dignity at all times, both privately and professionally.

1.2 Members shall provide the highest professional standards in all elements of the service they provide to each individual client(s).

1.3 Members shall treat as confidential all information obtained in relation to their clients and carry out their duties with total regard for the laws of privacy and data protection.

1.4 Members must establish and interpret client needs without exploiting their vulnerability or exerting any pressure on them.

1.5 Members will be responsible for all the decisions and actions taken by their staff in relation to the provision of funeral services and the ancillary services they offer.

1.6 Members shall conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner in all dealings with clients, taking into account their religious and cultural needs.

1.7 Members shall not try to persuade clients to choose an expensive or elaborate funeral when a less expensive funeral is more appropriate to their circumstances.

1.8 No member shall act in any way whereby a conflict of interest may arise with the Society or its objects.

1.9 No members shall do anything that might prejudice the good name and reputation of the Society.

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